Alba Ballet

Our Students

Alba Ballet Compnay is made up of thirty students, who are split into to two sections the Junior Section and Senior Section.

All our Students have previous dance experience and attend Alba Ballet over and above any other Ballet lessons which they are attending.

Students build upon these ballet lessons with intense training which is designed to improve on Classical Ballet technique, which will allow them to progress and allow them to take part in our performances.


Junior Section -Alba Ballet Company

The Junior section at Alba Ballet has seventeen members.

All students took part in group Ballet Audtions, prior to joining us.

This section of the company is made of dancers from as far a field as Bathgate, Airdrie, Paisley, Renfrew and Inverclyde.

Juniors start early on a Sunday morning for the four hour class, starting with a warm up and stretching class, then after a short break for lunch they continue with an intense class of Classical Ballet.

For the last hour of the class they join our Seniors for a Company get together where they have been involved in Physio, Acting classes and general classes in Ballet.

Two members of the Junior Section are also members of Scottish Ballet Associates.

 Senior Section -Alba Ballet Company

The Senior section at Alba Ballet has thirteen members.

All students took part in group Ballet Audtions, prior to joining us.and have had previous Dance and Ballet experience. 

The section is fortunate to call on the exoerience of ex Associates of Scottish Ballet and Students who have completed Dance Degrees at University. 

Seniors are made up of Ballet  Dancers from Inverclyde, Glasgow, Paisley and Renfrew.

Ballet Lessons start at 2 pm with the first hour working in conjunction with the Junior section on Physio Sessions, Acting Classes and general Classical Ballet Classes.

The hard work then really starts with lessons on the more technical side of Classical Ballet before working on areas of Performance.

Professional Section -Alba Ballet Company

At Alba we are delighted to call on Industry professionals to help us with our productions. For our performance of The Nutcracker we were privileged to have Erin O Toole from London and Tim Hill from Birmingham join us.

Not only did they help with the performance but mixed with our students and even took classes while they visited Alba Ballet.

It was a fantastic experience for all our students to spend time with these Classical Ballet professionals, it gave everyone a true insight into what is required to reach the top. Despite performing in the evening, both Tim and Erin spent hours in the studio every day.

It was great to see these guys at work, and how they worked on every small detail to ensure a top class performance    

 Erin and Tim - the Alba Ballet Studio in Greenock

Tim and Erin Ballet lesson in Greenock