Royal Academy of Dance, Classical Ballet for Silver Swans 


More and more pensioners are taking up ballet, according to the Royal Academy of Dance. It is putting the phenomenon down to the popularity of TV programmes like Strictly Come Dancing.


Inverclyde's only Royal Academy of Dance, Classical Ballet Studio is now offering Ballet for Pensioners.


This follows on from a successful launch of Royal Academy of Dance lessons in Glasgow by Scottish Ballet.

Silver Swans in Glasgow as reported by the BBC

All classes will offer a chance to undertake lessons in Classical Ballet, which will promote wellbeing, improve fitness, flexibility, balance and posture while having fun in a group environment

All classes will be taken by Julie Gunn who qualified as Royal Academy of Dance teacher in Classical Ballet in 2009 all lessons will take place in our private studio in Watt Street Greenock

Why not join our Inverclyde Silver Swans, classes will run Tuesday and Thursday mornings and last for an hour.


Interested or wish to find out some more information, please contact Julie directly on Tel 0775 324 6035

Our Studio is at 15a Watt Street, Greenock.

The large white building behind the Mclean Museum


Julie pictured with our first Silver Swan

Silver Swan Ballet with Julie

Classical Ballet lessons will be designed to cater for all abilities many pensioners are taking up ballet to stay fit and lead a healthier life. Many exercise's are carried out to popular classical music and will carried out to Royal Academy of Dance standards.

Our private facilities are designed for Classical Ballet and offer the perfect location for you to enjoy the full benefits of this new learning experience. 


  Strictly Come Dancing 

 helping to promote ballet 



 Ballet exercises work on developing core strength and balance. Ballet lessons will be built around learning all of the basic positions that all Ballet Dancers learn. Once these are mastered we can put these positions together in the Ballet Class and start to work towards actual Ballet routines. Ballet Dancers after a period of time will gain a great level of fitness, a higher level of stamina and find posture improving at the same time. Of course its not all about the Ballet Class, its a great chance to meet and socialise as well.

 As all classes are held in our private studio, nobody needs to worry anybody looking in on lessons and of course we will work at a pace that suits you, to ensure you gain the most from Ballet.