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Ballet Audition Greenock

Auditions for Alba Ballet.

We have just completed our 2017 Auditions for Coppelia 2018.

Thanks to all those that attended.

However if you believe you have a special talent please contact us. 

Open to male and female dancers. 

Do you want to perform in a Classical Ballet and Dance with Professional Dancers. 

We are always interested in Dancers who want to progress their Ballet tution.

These auditions are available to all dancers in Scotland, we are looking to add to the current company of dancers who have decided to continue with Alba Ballet after our recent performances of Cinderella.

Since we have finished Cinderella, some of our students have moved onto full time dance training and others due to work and study commitments have had to give up their places. We wish then all well.

This gives us openings within the company, so if you are interested in Alba Ballet and believe you have what it takes, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We are looking for students with various stages of experience, both male and female and from age 8 and over.

1. Dancers who are currently training in Ballet and wish to audition to perform in a Classical Ballet and help build a CV. 

2  Mature students who have achieved a high standard in Ballet but do not wish to do a full time course due to work or college and feel they would like to have an audition to continue in the world of Ballet .

3. Dancers who have not got any Ballet experience, but believe they can offer something through audition that would compliment the company.

4. Must have a passion to Perform and be prepared to commit to the programme. 

The audItion itself will be based on simple movement and will last approx 30 min followed by an information session about Alba Ballet. 

We will be on hand prior to and after auditions to discuss and explain the course and obviously answer any questions that you or your parents may have. 

Apply now


Alba Ballet Company was formed in 2011 by Julie Gunn, Tristan Borrer and Stewart Gunn. In 2013 we were delighted to add Shaun McLaughlin to the staff at Alba Ballet. 

The Company is the professional arm of Elite Academy of Dance which was formed in 2009 and now operates from the same private Studio as The Elite Academy of Dance.

November 2014 saw Alba perform its first full production The Nutcracker and we have just followed this up with 3 performances of Cinderella in two different venues.

Work is now underway for our third production of Coppelia which will take place in November 2018.  


Alba Ballet aim to provide additional expertise and training to young dancers from the age 8. This is done over a period of 2 years with classes being held on Sundays.

As well as expert training students in their second year will  also work towards a full blown performance towards the end of second year.

The whole experience will allow young dancers to experience what life will be like as a full time dancer if they decide that is a route they wish to follow.

Students after two years will have gained additional experience and the team at Alba will provide all graduating students with a personal momento that can be added to the Students CV, which will include performance, personal training and other dance experience gained during the course.

Although Ballet/ Dance experience is not required, due to demand, places will be by audition only.