New Fulltime RAD Classical Ballet Course

Missed out this year on Auditions don't give up,, looking to Audition next year. This is the  Newest Finishing Classical Ballet Course in the UK. One year Finishing Course preparing you for a fulltime career in Classical Ballet, from Industry Professionals who have been there seen and done it. We will build and work with you until you can compete on an even playing field with Full time dancers at Auditions. You will work with recent Industry Professionals who will pass on their knowledge and experiences and of course we will work to improve your level and technique, giving you the best possible opportunities to succeed in Ballet or Dance as a career. We will actively promote our Dancers to Professional Companies during the course especially ones that staff have had previously worked and performed with.     

 The Ballet Course Explained

On the banks of the Clyde, a new one year RAD finishing course.

The purpose of this course is to finish your training before applying for fulltime courses with National Ballet Companies.

You will experience life as a fulltime dancer, gaining strength, stamina and be prepared for performance and auditions after ten months.

We will work with you to improve on everything you have learned and trained for so far.

Initially to ensure top class training and quality teaching we will be limiting places to 6 boarding students and 6 day students.

For students who still have RAD exams to complete we will work towards finishing these.

The year will start in Sept and will be split into 6 blocks, each block will consist of 4 weekly blocks, each week will consist of 30 hours training

Julie Gunn will work with students on all Classical RAD exams and be involved throughout the course.

From there guest teachers will be brought in to give intense training fulltime training.

These guest teachers will be industry professional who have danced professionally. They will take you through their journey and experiences, give advice and what to expect at auditions for the large professional companies.

We aim to give you the edge at auditions, you will physically and mentally prepared for auditions, it does not matter if you have an HND in Dance, its how you perform at audition.

 Training Blocks

Block 1 an introduction to fulltime training with Julie, who will look at improving technique and ensuring students step up from being part time dancers to full time Classical Ballet Dancers. Julie will base this on her four years fulltime training and of course her RAD experience.

Block 2 will see students spend time with Shaun McLaughlin, Shaun will work through his experiences of auditions and how he went from these Auditions to becoming a lead professional in Europe with Croatian National Ballet.

Block 3 will see the same perspective from a female point Erin OToole. Erin will take you through her experiences of Graduating from Central Ballet School in 2011 through to Dancing with Northern Ballet, Rambert Dance and also dancing with Darcy Bussell. 

Block 4 will be a joint teaching effort with Erin and Shaun as they run through  auditions again and help students with final preparation's for portfolio's and apply for any vacancies.

Block 5 we work with students to  put the finishing touches to your portfolio and finishing any training requirements or RAD exams that need to be taken.

Your final block will result in you and fellow students producing a 30 min short production, which will be choreographed and performed by all students. Show will also be filmed and can be added to portfolios.

Students will also be encouraged to join in other aspects of the school with Silver Swans, Elite Academy and Alba Ballet.

Classes will be split over seven days, just like professionals, so days off may be mid week or Classes maybe over 7 days.

Boarding Accommodation


Boarders will be based in a self contained student apartment based at Custom House Quay, on the banks on the Clyde only a 10 min walk from the Studio.

The apartment is self contained with each room having en suite facilities and a shared hall and lounge area.

The lounge and hall area will be maintained and cleaned on a weekly basis. All council tax, gas and electricity is included in the rental price.

There is an option for bedding etc to be cleaned at extra costs.

The building is secure, with the block and each individual  atroom requiring key access.

Students will be living and breathing dance 24/7

Only five minute walk to town centre and local bus and train stations. 

Access and costing's are based from Sept through to end of June  

Alba Ballet Student Accomadation
Custom House Quay Alba Ballet

 Interested in this course and want to find out more details please call Stewart on 07881445542 or contact us by email

Acceptance will be by audition only

Demand for Boarding Places has already been high and we advise any dancers interested in Boarding to apply prior to 31st July 2014.

Fees for the course have been kept to a level that is way below what is available elsewhere within the industry. Fess for six blocks are £2760. We want our Dancers to be given every chance to succeed in this industry, and for the number of hours and teaching expertise students will receive, we believe we offer best value within Classical Ballet anywhere in the UK.

Boarding Accommodation based on 2013/14 prices works out at approx.. £90 per week.